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about us

What is Colornostics?

Colornostics is a profound five-step process that combines the psychology of colour and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Colornostics brings your subconscious thoughts and feelings into the light of day. The language of colour helps you understand your issues on a conscious level and gives you insight into yourself and what is blocking you from moving forward. It is designed to show you new pathways, possibilities and options so you can transform your life.

How does color affect us?

Light enters your eyes and goes to the centre of your brain, the hypothalamus. Every color or frequency gives the hypothalamus a different signal, which in turn passes the message to other parts of the body. Children relate easily to this process, but they do need an adult to guide them through the steps. They also only seem to need the simplified main points of each color in order to understand and move on. The speed and brevity of the process is very appealing to them.



Thelma van der Werff

Mary Ashby-Green

Soul Studio Team:

Abhay Mohan Wadhwa

Ricardo Soares