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How do I know I have chosen the right color?

Trust that the colors you are drawn to have a message for you. If you need more clarity, you may wish to choose an additional color. Relax and enjoy what the colors have to offer.

Will the results last?

Colornostics is a tool for personal transformation. Your changes are a result of uncovering your subconscious beliefs, which are often hidden. The language of color helps you unravel your issues and resolve them. Once you have changed your beliefs you have changed your perspective and what will follow are new feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and actions. Now you will also attract new experiences. The changes you make in this process are like sowing seeds. These seeds of change will grow and expand, especially if you water them.

Can I do this process with other people?

Colornostics is designed as a tool for both yourself and others. You may find familiarity will come more easily if you explore it with a friend.

How long should the process take?

The beauty of this process is that once you become familiar with it, you can do it at lightning speed and get excellent results. Don’t get caught up in lingering at each stage. once the colors have helped you understand how you are feeling and thinking, it is time to move on. the time for dwelling and imagining is in card 5, where you can take the time for integrating your new thoughts and emotions, and your new behaviors.